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Breaking Free from the Jezebel Spirit

May 10, 20235 min read

"The devil wants to kill the men. Jezebel wants to kill the men." - Revivalist Nelson

Breaking Free from the Jezebel Spirit: The Call for Spiritual Awakening

In the realm of spiritual warfare, a cunning adversary lurks - the Jezebel spirit. This malevolent force is hell-bent on crippling men, throwing households into chaos, and breeding a cycle of unforgiveness and bitterness. However, let's be clear: this battle isn't lost. With understanding and spiritual tools, we can overcome.

"The devil wants to kill the men. Jezebel wants to kill the men." This haunting statement by Revivalist Nelson underscores the Jezebel spirit's primary target: men. The reason? Men are entrusted with a potent mantle within the family - the anointing to break generational curses and lead households to spiritual safety. This pivotal role marks them as key targets for the enemy's destructive agenda.

But remember, the Jezebel spirit doesn't discriminate by gender. "Men can have a Jezebel spirit too." Both men and women can be ensnared by its controlling, manipulative nature, manifesting as toxic power dynamics, sexual immorality, and unrelenting bitterness.

To overcome the Jezebel spirit, we need powerful weapons, and one of the most potent is forgiveness. "Forgiveness is for you, not for them. Forgiveness does not excuse their action; forgiveness delivers you from the results of their action." Clinging to bitterness and unforgiveness merely stokes the power of the Jezebel spirit. Conversely, choosing to forgive liberates us from the aftermath of hurtful actions.

Understanding the importance of God-centered family dynamics is another crucial step in overcoming the Jezebel spirit. The role of fathers is particularly significant. "The reason you cannot abandon your children is because a father who abandons his house causes a spirit of abandonment and rejection to enter his daughter." This can trigger a destructive cycle, pushing family members into harmful situations and leaving them vulnerable to the Jezebel spirit.

"Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wife like Christ loved the church and gave up his own life for her." This isn't a call for blind obedience or tolerating abusive behavior but a blueprint for a God-centered family dynamic that encourages mutual respect, love, and spiritual growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Jezebel spirit primarily targets men due to their pivotal role in breaking generational curses.

  • Both men and women can fall prey to the Jezebel spirit.

  • Forgiveness is a powerful tool in overcoming the Jezebel spirit.

  • God-centered family dynamics are crucial in combating the Jezebel spirit.

  • Standing up against the influence of the Jezebel spirit in our communities is a step toward spiritual freedom.

While recognizing the Jezebel spirit's influence is essential, we mustn't live in fear. Instead, we must confront this spirit head-on. We can't tolerate its influence in our schools, communities, and homes. This is the path to spiritual freedom.

Incredibly, there's hope in the prophecy of deliverance for those affected by the Jezebel spirit. The future promises a spiritual revival where those deeply influenced by the Jezebel spirit will be delivered and become revivalists in our generation.

If you've ever felt forsaken, know this: You have a purpose. Even if you've faced life-threatening circumstances like abortion, your survival signifies that you are a deliverer in this generation. As Psalms 27 states, "even if your mother or father forsakes you, the Lord will take you in."

The Jezebel spirit is a formidable foe, but with understanding, forgiveness, and godly family dynamics, we can overcome. The battle we're fighting is spiritual, but the path to victory is clear. It's time for spiritual awakening, time to break free from the grips of the Jezebel spirit, and time to step into the anointing God has bestowed upon us.

As we approach this battle, we must remember the words of Revivalist Nelson, "Don't even tolerate that Jezebel. Feed that witch to the dogs." This isn't a call for violence, but for spiritual resilience. We need to stand our ground, equipped with faith, truth, and love, and confront the Jezebel spirit that seeks to tear apart our homes and our communities.

However, confronting the Jezebel spirit isn't a solitary battle. It's a collective fight requiring us to step outside of our personal feelings and comprehend the larger picture. As Revivalist Nelson wisely suggests, "Your freedom is not just for you. Your kids need you to be free." Thus, breaking free from the Jezebel spirit is not only a personal victory but a generational one as well.

This spiritual battle isn't limited to the home front; it extends into our broader society. Our schools, communities, and nations are under the sway of this spirit. "Jezebel is a principality over America right now." The only way to combat this pervasive influence is to confront it boldly, standing up for truth and righteousness.

In conclusion, the call to break free from the Jezebel spirit is a call for spiritual awakening. It's a call to rise above bitterness and unforgiveness, to foster God-centered family dynamics, and to stand up against spiritual oppression in our communities. With this understanding, we can step into our roles as deliverers, leading the charge towards spiritual freedom, and ushering in a season of spiritual revival.

As Revivalist Nelson prophesies, "there's a generation of people that already went through transition and regretted it. We're tired of Jezebel and get ready because they're about to be some of the greatest revivalists in our generation." Let us take heart in these words, gird ourselves with spiritual resilience, and step forward in faith, knowing that victory is assured in Christ.

Final Takeaways:

  • Overcoming the Jezebel spirit requires spiritual resilience and a commitment to God-centered values.

  • Our fight against the Jezebel spirit isn't just for our personal victory, but for the spiritual freedom of our families and communities.

  • Standing up against spiritual oppression in our communities is an integral part of breaking free from the Jezebel spirit.

  • The battle against the Jezebel spirit is paving the way for a spiritual revival, with deliverers rising from among those who've been most affected by this spirit.

Breaking free from the Jezebel spirit isn't easy, but with understanding, forgiveness, faith, and resilience, victory is within our reach. Let us awaken to the call, step into our roles as deliverers, and set the course for spiritual revival.

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Revivalist Nelson Alvarez

Founder of The Glory Revival movement. The Apostle of Glory.

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